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Innovative Technology:

Mastering from gene to table

Mushroom-X is strong in mushroom science and related biotechnologies. With our research efforts on mushrooms from gene to table, we apply our technologies in producing mushroom foods for the current demand of the market and tackle the food insecurity and environmental issues. We are going to develop a technology platform with technology transfer from the university.


Genotyping, breeding,
GMO verification

Molecular biology

Authentication and selection of species

Fungal science

Regulation of fruiting and growth phase

Sensory and nutritional science

Protein based food source
Prebiotics, ergothioneine (ERGO)
Rich in umami taste – targeting to the aged populations

Molecular biology

Organic fertilizer, soil microbes




  • Mushrooms contain an adequate proportion all essential amino acids and it is a complete protein source to fulfil different physiologic requirement.

  • Mushrooms contains prebiotics - beta-glucans with health promoting effects. They are beneficial to human by affecting the growth and/ or activity of some bacteria in the intestine.

  • Mushrooms are rich in ergothioneine, which is an antioxidant for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and dementia.

  • Mushrooms contains vitamin B5 and umami taste which can substitute MSG for enhancing flavour of cuisines.


  • The mushroom mycelium and substrates can form biomaterials that are mouldable, flexible, and 100% biodegradable.

  • It can be made into construction materials, furniture, and packaging materials to replace plastics.

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