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We are Mushroom-X

Our Vision

We ensure food security and safety of the Chinese.

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Our Mission

Mushroom-X aims to unleash the potential of mushroom and use mushroom to love the world and mushroom for the neXt.

We promote sustainability awareness through educational workshops and exhibitions.​

We develop innovative mushroom food products to provide nutritious food and enhance gourmet enjoyment.​

We address world problems of climate change, food security and safety with the creative fungal-based material as plastic substitute and technology services to farming industry.

Our Belief

“Mushroom Can Save the World!”


Our Journey


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With the ambition to translate academic and technological excellence to real impacts, the people are met in 2016 with the funding from a university.

Mushroom Social Project is started since Feb 2017. In the summer of 2017, we have held the mini exhibition successfully to show sustainability of mushroom urban farming to the public.

Mushroom-X Limited is a social enterprise established in March 2018 with the 2 co-founders, Prof Kwan Hoi Shan and Ms Beatrice Ho.

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We are supported by TSSSU funding from the ITC to develop technology platform. WIth the helpof the funding, we are able to conduct STEAM workshops to local secondary and primary school, meanwhile, deliver consultancy service to the industry.

Joined the HK Science Park as company's branch office.  

Joined the HK Cyberport as company's branch office.  



Best Presentation Award, The Vice Chancellor ‘s Cup of Student Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2018

18-19 May 2018

The Second Prize of Social Enterprise in the Challenge Cup


The 4th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018

26 May 2018

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The Second Prize in 2018 Shenzhen Nanshan "Entrepreneurship Star" Contest in Hong Kong track


31 August 2018


Hello Tomorrow Top 500 deeptech startups worldwide in the Food, Agriculture & Environment track


24 October 2018

deep tech competition (2).jpg

The Gold Award in China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 2018

(“Chuang Qing Chun”)


1-3 November 2018

創青春 (1).jpg

Nature Research Awards

The Spinoff Prize One to Watch 2020


30 June 2020

The Spinoff Prize_One to watch 2020_2_Wh
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